There’s five main servies that I offer: Project Planning, Hardware and Software Prototyping, Hardware Design, Firmware Development, and Software Development. Below you’ll find some thoughts on each.

Project Planning

Have an idea for a technology product or service that you want to build? Let’s sit down and nail down:

Hardware and Software Prototyping

I’m a huge fan of books like The Lean Startup. For many software projects, prototyping is pretty straightforward and obvious: build the highest value features first, and iterate as you go. Do the simplest thing that could possibly work, and get it in front of users quickly. Call it Kanban (a constant value flow), call it SCRUM (iterations focused on the highest value tasks), call it whatever you want. Let’s get the minimum viable product out in front of users as soon as possible.

For hardware it’s trickier, because you’ve got real physical manufacturing going on. My general approach to hardware prototyping progresses along a pretty standard path:

I’ve also got a decent collection of development boards stocked here, and if we need a part that I haven’t used before… Digikey has overnight shipping.

Hardware Design

I’m happy doing all of the aspects of hardware design, and am also fine working with existing teams to do any of these parts:

Firmware Development

It’s weird for a 34-year-old to say he has 23 years of experience with C, but I really did get my first C compiler when I was 11 years old. That machine was about as powerful as a modern ARM Cortex M0.

There’s a couple of unique perspectives that I bring to firmware development:

Software Development

To start, I’ll say what I’m not: I’m probably not the person you want to hire to develop your next web or mobile app. I could do it, and if it’s part of a larger project, we can talk about that (e.g. a wearable that needs to talk to a mobile device, or an IoT device that needs to present long-term data trends to the user), but if the web or mobile app is the core of the product, you can find people who are better at that than I am.

Here’s the types of problems that would be a great fit: