About Me

I’m fundamentally a technologist. Dual-major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, followed by an M.Sc. in CS focused on Distributed Systems Performance. From microcontrollers with 2kB of RAM to big distributed cloud systems, I’m more than happy to take cool ideas and turn them into useful hardware and software.

The short story is that I started writing code on a Vic-20 when I was 8 years old. When I was around 11, I got my first C compiler, and when I was around 13 I installed Slackware Linux for the first time. In high school, I worked as a technician at a computer store, and made money on the side writing web applications in Perl and selling routers made out of recycled computers and a custom-built 1.44MB Linux distribution. At that point I felt like I had a pretty solid grasp on how software systems worked, so decided to dual-major in EE and CS so that I could understand hardware systems as well.

The net result is that I’m delighted to build out the technology to support whatever great ideas I’m introduced to. Is it a wearable? Let’s design some hardware. Small business automation tool? Bring it on. E-Gov platform for a provincial government? Sure, let’s do it! Satellite orbital dynamics simulator? Why not? I just had to brush up on my calculus a bit.

[I’m going to try to put together a portfolio here, but a number of projects are covered by NDAs, especially the really cool ones]